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Customer Testimonials

Everything is perfect, now lets keep it that way.

Aircraft Interiors

MicroSeal’s performance is very impressive.

Kelly Barnett

Falcon 900 Jet Pilot, Marysville, WA

MicroSeal was chosen as the only fabric protection for Dassault Falcon Jet Interiors for the past 20 consecutive years.

Sam Freeze

President, FTS, Little Rock, AR

One of the world’s largest and most prestigious aerospace company typically installs 100% wool carpeting in their Jet Interiors. The average carpet life-time of their leased jets is 18 months. The average carpet life-time of the same leased jet with MicroSeal is close to 30 months.

Diana S.

President, SAI, Savanna, GA

We’ve been MicroSealing aircraft interiors (including Boeing Business Jets) for the past 20 years. Our customers swear by it!

Becky O.

General Manager, Detailers & More, St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL

Having used MicroSeal exclusively on our Gulfstream and BBJ aircraft (Boeing business Jets) for over 15 years I was convinced we had found the finest product on the Market for protecting our aircraft’s interior. Now that I have transitioned from flying aircraft to owing a Detailing and Refurbishment Company MicroSeal was the logical choice in keeping with our commitment to supplying only the best materials and products to our Customers.  GBS Design Supports the Gulfstream Luton Service Center Exclusively in London and further expansion in USA, Asia, and Africa is on the horizon, we trust our companies success to products like MicroSeal as it’s a trusted name in Aviation and a clear favorite among our customers.

Gerald Sichlinger

CEO, GBS Aviation Group

Airline Interiors

Photo shows Airline Engineers testing MicroSeal for permanency (survived dry-cleaning), safety (burn test) and for common every day spills – Red wine, coffee, pop, orange juice and milk. In this test MicroSeal proved superior when compared to two other well known fiber protectors. The engineers approved the use of MicroSeal for their Boeing 777 fleet.

Why is it important that aircraft owners choose the best protection? Average cost for the fabrics alone in a Boeing 777 interior is $500,000. Average cost to replace a Gulfstream Large Cabin Interior is 1.5 to 3 million dollars.

Residential Interiors

I’ve MicroSealed my entire home and both vehicles. In 14 years I’ve seen rust, red wine, blood, tar, home-made playdoh, blueberry smoothies, a house full of kids, and dogs that can do no harm! MicroSeal makes my life easier.

Heidi W.


Over the past decade we’ve had 4 different homes, all our automobiles and boats protected with MicroSeal. The product works wonders and the service is excellent.

Linda & Ralph L.

Auto Interiors

In our automobile interior applications, suede fabrics sun fade quickly without MicroSeal. We put swatches of a treated and untreated fabrics on our store windows and saw a big difference. Before we had MicroSeal, customers brought their cars back to us. After MicroSeal, we had no returns. Consequently, we wouldn’t sell an installation without MicroSeal.

Moe Pilgrim

Former Owner, Superior Auto Trim in Bellevue, WA

Shortly after having my pride and joy (a Mercedes C-320) protected, the following occurred: My dog bled all over it (her first heat cycle)… and I spilled my coffee. Both accidents cleaned up easily!


Fabricator, Cart Nutz

I had just purchased a new Ford Flex for personal and business usage.  The dealership tried to sell me their treatment, but being that it wasn’t a permanent fix for spills, AND that it was  slightly toxic, I did not purchase it.

I did, however, want my car protected inside, as I have young twin boys, and I knew just who to go to—T.J. at MicroSeal of Los Angeles.  I called T.J. to see how soon I could get the treatment done, and he told me that it could be done right away, and that HE would be the one treating my car.  I loved that. He explained that it was non-toxic, and that it would permanently seal the fabric in my car as well as provide UV sun fade protection.    Wow!  Within the week that the treatment was applied, I was driving my children to school.  They were cranky and started fighting with each other.  I overheard one say to the other that he was going to spill juice on his brother if he didn’t stop calling him names.  Before I could tell them not to do that, the juice was thrown and my son was soaked.  The one that had thrown it piped up that I shouldn’t be mad because the seats were protected. When I went to clean the car, I was surprised to see that the juice was sitting on the seats in droplets, much like mercury would in my hands in the old days.  I blotted the juice drops with a towel, and it came right up.  It was so easy. I wish I could say the same about my poor son who was stained in orange juice all day. My experience with the MicroSeal product has been nothing but positive, and I highly recommend MicroSeal’s services to anyone who wants to keep their car interior looking new, or who wants to protect their home from the never ending antics of children.

Chef Dawn

Party In A Box Catering

Professional Cheerleaders

Being a professional dancer and performer, my costumes get a lot of use and abuse. My team had our outfits treated with MicroSeal and they now look like new! Not only did it help to remove existing stains but, it also does a wonderful job at preventing new ones from adhering to the delicate fabric. My dance director is thrilled with how much better our costumes look! I would recommend this product toeveryone for any reason imaginable!

Andrea B



We poured a steaming hot mocha on a MicroSealed carpet and a manufacturer treated carpet; the MicroSealed carpet cleaned easily while the other stained.

Michael Hancock

Originals / Custom Rugs, Worldwide


 I’ve been in the carpet/upholstery cleaning business for 23 years. If it’s been MicroSealed, my job is easier…period.

Jeff Eisley

IICRC, Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning in Seattle

Luxury Yacht Interiors

Fabric Protection Endorsed by WORLD CLASS yacht builders and yacht interior designers including: 
Jonathan Quinn Barnett of
JQBLTD: “I recommend only the best…MicroSeal.”

Jonathan Quinn Barnett

Yacht Builder and Interior Designer, JQBLTD

We’ve strongly recommended MicroSeal to our yacht clientele for over 17 years.

Sylvia Bolton Design


Excellent product AND service!

Glacier Bay Cruiseline


We’ve noticed a huge difference in the appearance of MicroSealed interiors vs. the unprotected interiors on the many yachts we’ve worked with.

Charlie and Linda Bay Johnson


I know from experience on several yachts, that this product really does work. Don’t leave port without it!

Brian Arend

Renaissance Festival Dance Director

My name is Susan Von R. …….I’m a performer and director of Court Dance and a seamstress for Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas. I’ve spent 30 years recreating 16th century clothing for myself, fellow renaissance festival cast members, museums and a member of the REAL royal court of Spain, The Infanta Cristina, 1st Duchess of Palma de Mallorca (Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia de la Santísima Trinidad de Borbón y de Grecia).

Every year millions of people all across the country attend and perform at renaissance festivals wearing recreations of period 16th century clothing.  These festivals require cast members to wear heavy, ground length gowns often costing thousands of dollars.  These clothing recreations (costumes) must be worn at least 10 hours a day in all kinds of inclement weather from snow and rain to 105 degrees heat in the blazing Texas summer sun. These extreme weather conditions are very heard on expensive velvets, brocades and are ruinous to fine silks, satins and chiffons.  Fabric protection is an invaluable tool in the longevity of these pricey fabric art forms. I spent years looking and testing fabric treatments that would: Increase fabric natural strength, minimize staining from rain or ANY liquids, some sort of protection/ANY kind of protection from fading due to sun (a Sun Inhibitor).

I needed something to protect my costumes from rain, body sweat, little kids nasal drippings and greasy fingers prints, slopped beer and sodas, mud, mud and MORE MUD, not to mention delicate fabrics archenemy-THE BLAZING TEXAS SUN.

For years I researched and tested different fabric protectors, with very disappointing results until 2004 when I found MicroSeal. I tested MicroSeal by cutting two, 4×4 inch squares of 100% cotton, dupioni silk, silk velvet, poly/cotton blend velvet, blended brocades, metallic blends, brushed suede, and boot leather. Each 2 squares were in the colors of white, black, red, peacock blue, emerald green and yellow. MicroSeal was sprayed on half of my fabric and color samples and then I subjected all the fabric samples through what a completed costume would endure during the run of an 8 week renaissance festival.  I ground mud and dirt into the samples,  left them in the rain, dumped dark beer on them, dropped blood, smeared them with food grease and suntan lotion, I even sewed them to the underarms of a tee-shirt and went hiking for 6 hours in the Texas heat. After each separate abuse I used each fabrics recommended cleaning process by either machine wash/dry or dry-clean. MicroSeal had caught my attention.  Then I did the ultimate test by taping all the samples to sheet of cardboard AND LEFT them on the shelf of the rear window of my car, in direct sun….for A MONTH, IN JULY……..IN TEXAS!

I was ASTONISHED by these results. The dark fabric samples which were NOT TREATED WITH MICROSEAL had completely faded to gray, the whites looked burned and yellow, and reds were now pale pink.  What truly AMAZED me was the actual feel of the fabrics.  Most of the untreated samples shredded at the merest touch; the delicate and metallic fabrics literally turned to dust in my hands.  

The samples which WERE TREATED WITH MICROSEAL were as strong as when first purchased and showed little to no fading.  I was sold on MICROSEAL.  

 I really love the court gowns I make and wear and I know my fellow cast members feel the same about their costumes.  We’ve spent a king’s ransom on fabrics, trims, pearls and semi-precious stones and yet we subject our beloved costumes to the worst weather conditions Mother Nature produces. I will always treat my costumes with MicroSeal and after a long hot rainy day I know my gown will look great for years.

Thank you MicroSeal from the bottom of my mud soaked silk gown to the tip of my pearl crowned head.

Susan Von R.

Dance Director and Seamstress, Scarborough Renaissance Festival