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A Cut Above in Wool Protection

ORIENTAL RUGS – When the wool fibre is sheard from the animal, the natural protection is no longer produced, subjecting it to faster deterioration (wear) and permanent staining.

MicroSeal was specifically and expressly designed in England many years ago to permanently replenish the natural protective agent that a sheep produces for its own coat. In addition to wear and stain protection, MicroSeal provides substantial sun fade resistance for the wool. MicroSeal protects silk blend rugs from sun degradation.

Every day soil is naturally absorbed into the center of the wool fibre, hiding the dirt from the naked eye. Often consumers don’t realize their rug is dirty because they can’t see it. Unlike a common fabric protector that only “coats” the fibre and then breaks up easily, MicroSeal penetrates the wool fibre to its inner cortex and protects it from the inside out. Not only from permanent stains and wear, but also from sun fade damage (nearly 100% on most fabrics according to 25 years of field and laboratory testing). 

(servicing Boeing Business Jets in Chicago and worldwide)

Stain Resistance Test

Summary: “MicroSeal meets the stringent testing standards of the Aerospace Industry, Independent Wool Testing facilities and professional Oriental Rug Cleaners Worldwide (See MicroSeal Locations page).”

Wool Testimonies from Experts

One of the world’s largest and most prestigious aerospace company typically installs 100% wool carpeting in their Jet Interiors. The average carpet life-time of their leased jets is 18 months. The average carpet life-time of the same leased jet with MicroSeal is close to 30 months.

Diana S.

President, SAI, Savanna, GA

MicroSeal was originally and specifically formulated for Oriental Rugs…Whether a new purchase or after cleaning the family heirloom rug, our customers want their investment protected by a product recognized worldwide as the best.