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MicroSeal City

Vernal City, Utah — Testimonial


Dear MicroSeal,

I just wanted to write and tell you how totally in love we at Vernal City are with your product. We have seen dramatic results in how it protects ourVernal City banners from dirt (it just cleans off so well) and Ultra Violet rays (the colors don’t fade).

Vernal City maintains $140,000 worth of banners in our banner program which we rotate through the various seasons of the year in the business district. For a number of years I tried without success to convince the city to move away from using the vinyl banners (which we hated for a number of reasons) to the fabric digital print. Our banner distributors warned us over and over that we would love the fabric digital print banners when they first arrived but would not be happy with their long-term performance. This was because although the digital print is vibrant and beautiful when first made, the ultra-violet effects of the sun causes them to fade very quickly when compared with screen print vinyl, and the fabric (unlike Vinyl) catches and holds the dirt so the banners wear fast and don’t clean up very well by comparison.

Both of these problems were solved once I found MicroSeal. I then was able to convince the city to purchase one seasonal set of beautiful fabric banners for the down town section of our city as a test run. We then had the banners MicroSealed before they ever went out into the elements the first time. The result was so overwhelming that today the only kind of banners Vernal City buys are the fabric digital print. The MicroSeal does such a great job of protecting them we now get all the positive qualities the fabric digital prints have to offer with none of the negative as they are out-shinning and out-lasting the vinyl banners by far. Never at any time have I found any discoloring of the fabric or other problems associated with the applying of MicroSeal on our banners. Every outcome has been positive.

Now each time someone from another city calls or talks to me wanting to know how we make the fabric banners work so well I tell them about MicroSeal and that anyone would be foolish to even think about trying them unless they were willing to protect them with MicroSeal from the start.

I’m sure that people think I sound like I am a salesman for MicroSeal but I don’t care, I really believe in this product and what it can do to protect from the natural destructive forces of nature. I just tell it like it is.

Thanks MicroSeal for making a product that really does do everything you say it will.

Glade Allred

Street Superintendent, Vernal City, Utah


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